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I am delighted to announce that I am now an ambassador for Midlands Golfer magazine.


My thoughts still remain, 3 Putts Sucks!!

(my veiws are my own) 

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Copt Heath Golf club 23/04/18 with Phil Nichols, Midlands Golfer Magazine  



Worsley Park




Me at Forest Pines



Congratulations to Tim Behague for his 1st ever Hole in one. On the 7th at Walsall Golf Club 


Congratulations to both Jack Phillips, his 1st Hole in one, on the 13th at walsall Golf Club.  

Also Paul Watts, his 1st after playing for 53 years!! on the 7th at Walsall.


Jack Phillips                                                                                       Paul Watts


At the Astbury with Jon Harris, Will Harvey and Simon Hurd of Druh belts


It Finally happened, Hole 13 Walsall golf club 2nd May 2015, 175 yards 5 Iron.  In a medal comp. 

Ping G30's and Titliest Pro V1 "Hole in one" 


It was my 49th Birthday, Walsall GC June medal hole 4, 170 yard par 3  

7 Iron, one bounce, small roll and in she went for hole in 1 No 2..

2nd one in 28days.  

Thanks Ping.."G30 Irons are just the best" 



The Pic below is me coming down the 18th at Walsall GC 29/01/15 Brrr



Ho Ho Ho...

Rob, Julian and Mr 3PS at Walsall Golf club.  



Come on show us yours, I'll put them all on. 



My Druh belt buckle collection (so far) 



Nuff said



Mr 3PS, Julian Gibbon and Sam Spencer, 2 years ago on the left, June 2016 Forest Pines on the right.


Will Harvey and Keiran Sutton (early 3PS days)


Joe Smoothy, in 3PS winning on the English tour..


Henry James Welsh boys champion 2012 in 3PS


Henry James, runner up in the Boys amateur finals 2012. The winner was Matt Fitzpatrick.


Both can be follwed on twitter @henryyjamess and @mattfitz94   




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Thank you for your support.  

Sorry but due to unforseen circs, we are having a break from sales!!

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Welcome to 3PS Golf



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